dimanche 13 août 2017

Preparing for the '20779:Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel' exam

Hi all, I took last Thursday the 20779 exam in the beta version and here are some notes about that exam.

Number of question

  • There were 64 questions.

Duration of the exam

  • 190 minutes including all surveys so do not forget to go to the toilet before starting 😊

Topics covered

  • As expected, importing data, transforming data, visualizing data, Power Query, Power Pivot, DAX, Pivot Table, Pivot Chart and Power BI but I have been surprised to see some question about Power BI Publisher and M Language.

Type of questions found

  • Best answer
  • Multiple choice
  • Built list
  • Drag and drop (to write formulas)

Materials I used to prepare the exam

Was that materials sufficient?

  • No as the resources do not cover all the topics like the PBI Publisher or M Language and the topics about DAX are not deep but what I appreciate is the assessments that let you become familiar with some type of questions you can found

Other materials that can be useful


  • The exam is still in beta and needs more maturity and adjustments and the list of resources is not clearly established by MS nor by the community, so if you are not in a hurry, wait until the exam final version.
  • Because the exam is in English please prepare it in English (materials and Excel interface).

Did I pass the exam?

  • As the exam is still in beta I have to wait until it become in final version to have my results but I 'm confident 😉.

Enjoy your exam an let me know if these was helpfull.