mercredi 14 novembre 2018

Power BI Desktop - November 2018 Updates

Ce mardi 13 novembre 2018 a été très riche en nouveautés pour Power BI Desktop dont voici un récapitulatif.
  1. Rapports
    • Développer & Réduire les en-têtes de ligne dans un visuel Matrix
    • Copier & coller des visuels entre des fichiers PBI Desktop
    • Mise à jour de l'expérience de filtrage (Preview)
    • Améliorer l'accessibilité des rapports
  2. Analytics
    • Saturation des couleurs sur les visuels mis à niveau pour utiliser la mise en forme conditionnelle
    • Questions connexes dans l'explorateur Q&A
  3. Modélisation
    • Nouvelle vue de modélisation (aperçu)
    • Modèles composites maintenant généralement disponibles
    • Modélisation des améliorations d'accessibilité
    • Nouvelles fonctions DAX 
      • Argument facultatif "DrilldownFilter" pour la fonction RollupAddIsSubtotal
      • Fonction NonVisual
      • Fonction IsInScope
  4. Visuels personnalisés
    • Calendar par MAQ Software
    • Rating par MAQ Software
    • HourGlass par MAQ Software
    • Prévision à l'aide de plusieurs modèles par MAQ Software
    • Arbre de graphiques de secteur
  5. Connectivité des données
    • Connecteur Azure DevOps Server
    • Prise en charge des paramètres de page de début et de fin pour le connecteur PDF
    • Amélioration du connecteur Azure Consumption Insights
Pour en savoir plus le billet et la video de présentation.

jeudi 8 novembre 2018

Many Power BI updates on this November 7th, 2018

Yesterday was a rich day in announcements of Power BI updates and here is a brief recap.

Power BI delivers dataflows, enterprise reporting, and major updates to Power BI Desktop.

Power BI Paginated Reports also available in Power BI Mobile Apps (preview)

Paginated report metrics and dataflow metrics now available in Premium Capacity Metrics app.

mardi 6 novembre 2018

Power BI in a month, October 2018

    October 2018 roundup, a list of 84, posts and videos about Power BI.
    C# Corner
    Chris Webb's BI Blog
    Club Power BI
    Curbal Datachant Enterprise DNA
    Excelerator BI
    Guy in a Cube
    • Power BI Cheat Sheet, Power Query in MS Flow, Home and more... (October 1, 2018) (by : Guy in a Cube)
      Comments on posts and articles published during the month of september 2018
    • Power BI Minesweeper, Visual reference, World tour and more... (October 8, 2018) (by : Guy in a Cube)
      Comments on posts and articles published during the 1rst week of october 2018
    • Mashup Engine Query Monitor for Power BI Refresh (by : Guy in a Cube)
      Patrick introduces the Mashup Engine Query Monitor for Power BI Refresh. This is the MEQM! A report that can be useful to see SQL Server queries that Power BI issues during refresh.
    • Design Power BI reports, Data Warehouse updates and more... (October 15, 2018) (by : Guy in a Cube)
      Preview week Roundup
    • How to use the Power BI Aggregations Feature (by : Guy in a Cube)
      In this video, Christian Wade will show you the clicks to get to the clicky clicky draggy droppy awesomeness when working with big data, or even massive data
    • Case of the Broken Power BI Incremental Refresh (by : Guy in a Cube)
      In this video, Patrick looks at a scenario where Power BI incremental refresh was broken. He then looks at a way to get Power BI incremental refresh working properly.
    • Microsoft R, Data Science and Power BI (by : Guy in a Cube)
      Microsoft R, Data Science and Power BI
    • Fuzzy match / merging in Power BI Desktop (October 2018) (by : Guy in a Cube)
      Take a look with Patrick at the new fuzzy match / merging option within the October 2018 version of Power BI Desktop an incredibly powerful feature when it comes to data matching that can be adjusted to meet your needs
    • #BIPowerHour, Tips, Slicer pane, Power BI Desktop and Gateway updates, more... (October 29, 2018) (by : Guy in a Cube)
      Roundup of intersting posts catched by Adam
    • Power BI Tutorial: How to Sign up (by : Guy in a Cube)
      In this video, Adam shows us how to get started using Power BI
    How To Excel
    Microsoft Ignite
    • Microsoft Power BI Premium: Building enterprise-grade BI models for big data - BRK3107 (by : Microsoft Ignite)
      Learn how to use Power BI Premium to create semantic models that are reused throughout large, enterprise organizations
    Microsoft Power BI Blog and YouTube Channel
    • Power BI Rank Within a Group Using the RANKX Function #Q&A (by : PowerBIPro)
      Create a ranking chart, using the RANKX Function to make it super-easy to show Ranking within a Group in Power BI
    • Traditional BI vs. Agile Power BI Talk (by : PowerBIPro)
      A talk about dowinf Agile BI using Power BI with three guests
    • From Just an Accountant to Leading the Power BI Revolution on a Global Scale (by : PowerBIPro)
      How do you go from being just another accountant in a company to someone who is leading Power BI transformation on a global scale?
    • Power BI Data Modeling Challenge: Rolling Over Weekend Sales to Weekday (by : PowerBIPro)
      In this video we tackle a Power BI Data Modeling Challenge to rollover weekend sales to Weekday.
    • Real Power BI with Lisa Randall (by : PowerBIPro)
      Talk about Power BI with Lisa Randall
    • How a Power BI Side-Project Can Lead to Big Success! Feat. Barry Kresch (by : PowerBIPro)
      Watch this video and learn how Barry Kresch, a Marketing and Media Research Consultant by profession, took his passion for electric vehicles and created a Power BI Side Project that may help shape its future
    • Power BI October 2018 Update (Monthly Update Highlights!) (by : PowerBIPro)
      Avi's top 5 new features of the Power BI Desktop October 2018.
    • From Lotus 1-2-3 to Mega Power BI Projects (feat. Michael Stanton) (by : PowerBIPro)
      This powerful interview will push all your doubts in learning Power BI aside.
    • How to Create Power BI TOP N Report (Power BI Top 10 / Top N Filter) (by : PowerBIPro)
      Avi shows us how we can create a Power BI TOP N Report, using a Top 10 or Top N Filter. As a bonus he also compares this with another approach using the DAX TOPN Function.
    SQL BI

    samedi 3 novembre 2018

    Free Azure Practice Tests for MCTs

    In order to help you prepare for the new role-based Azure certifications, MCTs can now receive a 100% discount on new Azure MeasureUp Practice Exams, available through Pearson VUE. This limited-time offer is available only while supplies last.

    MCT Beta Exam 100% Discount Codes

    We are excited to offer discount codes for 100% off all new role-based exams, as they are released in beta, while supplies last. These codes are meant for Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) who are specialists in the new exams, so if you’re just getting started with the topic area, please wait for the 75% MCT exam discount (after the exams come out of beta). For a link to the new MCT beta exam codes and their associated start and end dates, look in the blue Resources section on MCT Central.

    To learn about the beta exam AZ-400 that was released on October 26, 2018, check out “Are You a DevOps Engineer? Take the AZ-400 Beta Exam, and Prove You Know Your Stuff.” To find out about two new Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator beta exams, MS-100 and MS-101, watch the Microsoft Learning Blog in early November.

    mardi 16 octobre 2018

    PNG, SVG and Visio Stencils set of symbols/icons for MS Cloud and Enterprise technologies

    If you are a Visio user and have to draw Microsoft Azure or Cloud infrastructure diagrams, this package is just for you.

    The package contains a set of symbols/icons to visually represent features of and systems that use Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise technologies, including Windows Server, Microsoft Azure and related technologies in various formats including PNG, SVG and Visio Stencils.

    You can also learn how to use this symbol set Visio but also in PowerPoint by following this specific video training available at 

    Just enjoy.

    samedi 6 octobre 2018

    Microsoft Certifications is changing AGAIN

    This message was send within the MCT, MCP and LP monthly newsletter.

    Microsoft Certification: Simplifying the Journey

    We’re evolving our certification program and streamlining the journey, based on your feedback, to make things simpler and more relevant for you and your learners. Over the coming weeks, the certification tools and resources you use will have a fresh new look and will be all in one place. With easy-to-access digital badging, you and your learners can still get recognized and unlock benefits, share verified achievements when applying for that next job, or download your badge to use as a logo. Certification Marketplace is retiring, but your Certification Dashboard will still include your transcript, certificates, and exam scores. As an MCT, you will still have access to Certification Marketplace to get your MCT Welcome Kits and Anniversary Awards. Our goal remains to help learners get hired, get recognized, and get ahead—and to provide you with what you need along the way. Find out more.

    So what we have here :

    • New certification program, with new badges and new skill role-based.
    • Fresh certification tools and new certification ressources all in one place coming soon.
    • Certification Marketplace is retiring but MCT will still have Access to it.

    Important links

    New! Certification Support forum

    If you need assistance with Microsoft Certifications, exams, badges, your profile/account, your dashboard, or special offers, or if you have a general question about certification, contact the support team through our new Certification Support Forum.

    MCT Support
    If you need assistance with your MCT application, payment, or benefits, or if you have a general question about the MCT program, contact the support team through our MCT Support Forum.

    Exciting Role-Based Certification and Training News!
    We’re evolving Microsoft Learning programs to keep pace with today’s demanding IT environments. Get the details on the new role-based certifications, and see which exams (including transition exams) are already available. Learn about the strategy behind the change, and take a look at how it aligns with new training options. And find out which exams are retiring. Offer hands-on training for real-world jobs, inspired by working professionals, and help open career doors. Learn more about the new role-based certifications. For MCT-specific details, check out MCT Central.

    Transition Exams Now Available

    Have you or your students already passed 70-532, 70-533, or 70-535? Consider taking a transition exam for only $99 in the United States (price varies by country/region and is reflected during registration process). Transition exams cover the delta between the skills and concepts required to earn the existing certifications and those covered in the new role-based exams. For example, someone who has passed 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions can take AZ-102: Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Transition (rather than taking both AZ-100 and AZ-101). The three Azure transition exams retire on March 31, 2019. Find out more about transition exams.

    mercredi 3 octobre 2018

    Power BI in a month (September 2018)

    Hello everybody,

    Ressources about Power BI are growing in a crazy way and there is many content provides on the web. So to keep a trace of what I catched and share it with others, I decided to relize a monthly based post to list all what I read, or maybe just saw, about Power BI in each month and this is about September 2018.
    Bonjour tout le monde,

    Les ressources sur Power BI se développent de manière folle et il existe de nombreux contenus sur le Web. Donc, pour garder une trace de ce que j'ai capturé sur mon radar et le partager avec d'autres, j'ai décidé de publier un message mensuel pour répertorier tout ce que j'ai lu, ou peut-être vu, à propos de Power BI chaque mois et ceci est en rapport avec le mois de septembre 2018.


    Chris Webb

    Club Power BI



     Enterprise DNA


    Excelrator BI


    Guy in a Cube


    Microsoft Power BI 

    Paul Turley

    Power BI Team


    Prower BI Pro (Learn Power BI)


    SQL BI

    Wyn Hopkins


    vendredi 28 septembre 2018

    Power BI Experts I follow

    Hello everybody,

    About two years ago I began to read and learn about Power BI and this learning was made possible by the tremendous work of sharing by people I consider mentors in the field. The list of these growing people, I had the idea, in order to honor these incredible individuals but also to keep track of their contact information and share information with others, to create a PBI report that lists all these Experts that I present to you below.
    Bonjour tout le monde,

    Il y a peu près deux ans j'ai commencé à lire et a apprendre à propos de Power BI et cette apprentissage a été rendu possible grâce au formidable travail de partage réalisé par des personnes que je considère comme des mentors dans le domaine. La liste de ces personnes grandissante, j'ai eu l'idée, afin d'honorer ces incroyables individus mais aussi pour garder trace de leurs coordonnées et de partager l'information avec d'autres, de créer un rapport PBI qui liste tous ces Experts que je vous présente ci-dessous.

    Matt Masson Interview at Ignite 2018 Power Query Custom Connectors and M...

    Interesting interview of Matt Mason by Reza Rad (Radacad) in which Matt talks about Custom Connectors and how they can extend the possibilities in Power Query and Power BI

    Good watch