vendredi 14 septembre 2018

Free Power BI course at

This is a good new, if you want to learn Power BI for free just take Ruth courses on
The video bellow is a presentation for the course and how to follow it.

Direct link to the course :

samedi 8 septembre 2018

Power BI: 15 erreurs courantes chez les débutants - par Sophie Marchant

Durant les quelques jours passés, Sophie Marchand (Le CFO Masqué) a publié une série de trois billets intitulés "Power BI : 15 erreurs courantes chez les débutants".
Je vous propose ci-dessous un récapitulatif de ces 15 erreurs avec le lien vers les trois billets qui donnent la description de chaque erreur.

Les 15 Erreurs de débutants

  • #1 Avoir des attentes démesurées quant à la rapidité d’apprentissage
  • #2 Ne pas faire la différence entre Power BI Desktop vs Power BI Service ou Power BI Report Server
  • #3 Ne pas bénéficier de la puissance de l’engin de modélisation de données
  • #4 Ne pas normaliser les données
  • #5 Tenter de travailler comme dans Excel
  • #6 Ne pas chercher à optimiser les requêtes
  • #7 Effectuer des transformations dans la source de données
  • #8 Faire des calculs dans la source de données
  • #9 Ne pas saisir l’importance du contexte de filtres
  • #10 Ne pas optimiser pour la performance
  • #11 Ne pas distinguer les tables de faits des tables de dimensions
  • #12 Ne pas comprendre le processus de publication des fichiers .pbix sur le cloud
  • #13 Ne pas avoir une bonne compréhension de la sécurité par ligne (Row Level Security)
  • #14  Ne pas avoir une bonne compréhension des tableaux de bord dans le service
  • #15 Ne pas avoir une bonne compréhension de la réutilisation des modèles pour plusieurs rapports

Liens vers les articles 

Erreurs 1 à 5 :

mercredi 5 septembre 2018

Did you hear about Excel HASH?

Inspired from a reality cooking competition and proposed by Oz du Soleil (Excel On Fire), "Excel HASH" #ExcelHash is a fanny, and crazy, competition around Excel where 06 competitors are engaged.

In each new episode, every participant must make a Excel video where he uses 04 new and different secrets ingredients (Excel feature/function) each time.

The 06 contestants are super Excel users as they all are MVP and great YouTubers:

The rules of the challenge are simple

  • The 04 ingredients need to be a part of the solution.
  • We were free to use other features and functions.
  • The solution can be useful or useless as long as it uses these ingredients.

Please find a link bellow to the first challenge playlist on YouTube and believe me, you will be surprised but what they can cook and present.

Go to playlist

#ExcelHash #Excel

Power BI For Report Consumers by Adam

Today I wanted to highlight a video made by Adam Saxton (from Guy in a Cube) in which he explain briefly each item on the navigation bar of the Power BI Service page.

lundi 3 septembre 2018

Governing Custom Visuals For Power BI - by - Gil Raviv

This interesting article from Gil Raviv is the prologue of a series about "Govering Custom Visuals for Power BI". Where he answers common questions that organizations ask regarding the use of the Custom Visuals.

Here is the link to the post :

mercredi 29 août 2018

How to create KPIs in Power BI using SVG images from Curbal

This is a demonstration made by Ruth from Crubal where she introduce us a way to create KPI using SVG images in Power BI and show them in a Table or a Matrix.

This video have been inspired by a post wroten by Kasper DeJonge you can find here :

And as she said you can find more articles about using SVG images in Power BI.

jeudi 16 août 2018

August 2018, MCT Town Hall Schedule published

The MCT Town Hall for August 2018 have been scheduled and link to the meeting published.
You can go to the MCT Central to download the links or just click on the links bellow.
  • Option 1:
    Wednesday August 22, 2018
         -   7:00AM (PDT)
         -   2:00PM (UTC)

         -   3:00PM GMT+01
  • Option 2:
    Thursday August 23, 2018
         -   3:00PM (PDT)
         -   10:00PM (UTC)
    11:00PM GMT+01

mercredi 15 août 2018

MCT Town Hall for August 2018 annonced

The MCT Town Hall have been annonced but links are not yet availables.

This is the annoncement

Please join us for the August MCT Town Hall where we will share the next level of detail on our  volving strategy and more specifics on how you as MCTs can get ready! There are two options for attending the August MCT Town Hall via Skype.
  • Option 1: Wednesday August 22, 2018 2:00PM (UTC) / 7:00AM (PDT)   
  • Option 2: Thursday August 23, 2018 10:00PM (UTC) / 3:00PM (PDT)

mardi 14 août 2018

Power BI Desktop Update - August 2018

Here is a list of Power BI features updates for August 2018.
Feature Category Short description Link to video Link PBI Site description Comments
Export to PDF Reporting Print reports through Export to PDF 00:16 Print reports through Export to PDF Wallpaper does not print
Bookmark groups Reporting Create groups to organize your bookmarks 04:04 Create bookmark groups
Theming Reporting 07:08 Theming generally available
Conditional formatting by values Analytics Let you apply conditional formatting using the values of a field. If you have a color field. 07:49 Conditional formatting by values I like the ColorKPI Measure example
Python integration Analytics Pull in Data Python Connector ( Get data) 11:14 Python integration (preview)
Q&A General Availability for BPI Desktop Analytics
13:02 Q&A in Power BI Desktop generally available
Better matching experience for Power BI Desktop and Power BI Premium Analytics
Better matching experience for Power BI Desktop and Power BI Premium
Data categories for measures Modeling Set data categories for measures 15:28 Data categories for measures I like the Sparlline Line Measure
Statistical DAX functions Modeling Added some Statistical Functions 18:57 Statistical DAX functions
3AG Systems - Column Chart with Variance Custom Visuals Simply show Actuals vs Planned or vs Previous  or vs Forecast 19:48 3AG Systems - Column Chart with Variance Source
Scatter Chart by Akvelon Custom Visuals Similar with the standard Scatter Chart but with more formatting options and range selection capabilities 21:29 Scatter Chart by Akvelon Source
Small Multiples Line Chart Custom Visuals Let you compare data using Line chart by breaking it is small multiples lines chart 23:11 Small Multiples Line Chart Source
Add Natural Language Summaries for BI Custom Visuals Let you add dynamics summaries according to data selection 26:11:00 Add Natural Language Summaries for BI Need the ARRIA api to generate the visual
Pivot Slicer Custom Visuals 28:29:00 Pivot Slicer Source
Spark connector Data Connectivity 31:41:00 Spark connector generally available

The full video

lundi 13 août 2018

Office 365 Update for August 2018

Take a look to what is new in Office 365. I liked the MS Whiteboard section and BPI one.

But what didi you love ? Just comment below